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Ask Leadership
Boss or Leader?
Communication and Leadership Styles

So let’s investigate and answer the question as to what is Ask Leadership? It is probably easier to give a simple definition by saying what Ask Leadership is not. It is not telling and giving answers. What it is, is asking different types and levels of questions until you get the right answers. Either you knew the answer in the first place, but wanted the individual to work it out for themselves, or you thought you knew the answer, but wanted confirmation, or finally, you didn’t know and simply wanted to learn. Ask many leaders about the role of a leader and they will talk about directing, delegating, managing, getting results and so on.

One of the primary roles of a leader is actually to develop leaders and you don’t do that by giving instruction and expecting blind compliance. That is dictatorship not leadership. So the concept that a major role of the leader is to support and develop their team puts them more in the role of a servant. Great leaders develop their teams with a goal of creating leaders of a higher calibre than themselves. That is why one of the greatest attributes of true leadership is humility.

How you get there is simple; you become a coach and supporter for your team members and implement one of the best leader characteristics of becoming the best coach.


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