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Boss or Leader?
Communication and Leadership Styles

History has taught us that there are three primary leadership ‘models’, but with thousands of subtle variations.

These are;

Autocratic – Tendency to ‘tell’, control and manipulate for results.

Democratic – Shares decision making and other activities, but may hold back the final decision themselves.

Empowering – Allows freedom for their teams to make decisions and act. Provides guidance, support and direction.

Coupled with this there is your own natural style of communicating which has some influence on your tendency towards one of those leadership styles.

Most people have on primary and one or more secondary communication styles. These are categorised by these descriptors;

Expressive – Bold, direct and talkative. Thinks and talks using images and pictures. Uses emotion and persuasion to get their way.

Amiable – Great questioner, listener and team player. Enjoys group work, consensus and relationships.

Analytical – The well organized ‘thinker’. Is well structured and approaches most activities in a logical manner.

Driver – The results focused go-getter. Short meetings, and tough to get to know well, but great achiever.

There is a clear link between your natural leadership style and your communication style. Expressive and drivers tend towards autocratic behaviour, while Amiable and Analytical tend towards more empowered leadership.

Great leaders are actually able to move freely between styles depending on the situation they are in and the results they want.

Ask Leadership will help you understand both your communication and leadership style as well as guiding you on how to adapt your style to your circumstances and situations.


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