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Who we are?
What we do?

Find out how to stand out from the crowd using Ask Leadership


The delivery concept behind the Ask Leadership is simple. Our aim is to be the change agent. To make personal change happen, it requires a catalyst or motivation, tools and methodologies. To make it stick it requires practice, ongoing support, coaching and feedback. Our role is to be the catalyst and provider of the tools and start up services. The real implementation comes from within the individual and organisation.

Through our services and products we are able to assist you in the following

  • Understand where you stand as a leader today, specifically your style and skill levels
  • Understand how you stand in the ‘Boss to Leader’ scale
  • Understand your natural communication style and, through that, your leadership communication style and answer questions such as
    • Am I mostly a ‘tell’ or ‘ask’ leader?
    • Do I mostly make judgements or take decisions using logic or emotion?
    • Do I persuade or control?
    • Do I coach or instruct?
  • Demonstrate through seminars, role plays, and multi-media case studies, examples and models of ‘before and after’ behaviours*
  • Provide real world examples
  • Provide workbooks and plans for the change process
  • Provide access to facilitators who can coach on the subject

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