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Find out how to stand out from the crowd using Ask Leadership


Ask Leadership Ltd was formed in 2008 with the simple goal of enhancing specific skill areas for leaders at all levels on a global basis. The primary focus of the Ask Leadership is to develop leadership coaching skills and to unlock the potential of individuals, thereby multiplying both their own success and that of those around them.

The company was founded by entrepreneur, leadership coach, motivational speaker and author Nigel J Wall. Nigel realised the limited coaching skills of many leaders was holding both them, and their organizations, back. The evolution from the autocratic leader to the empowering leader is effectively only part way through its transition. It is clear that in developing people and organizations into the 21st Century, great leadership will have a huge and positive impact on everyone.

“Many leaders still think leadership is telling people what to do, how to do it and when to do it; that’s bossing not leading”, he states. “Few people understand that leadership is about setting context, strategy and direction; then guiding, and coaching people to deliver”. He goes on “Even those who can articulate the ‘right’ way to lead often don’t know how to do it”.

He decided that the best way to spread the word was to develop the organisation, tools and services into a form that could be easily spread around the world to fill that gap. Hence the company Ask Leadership!

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