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About the Book
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About the Author

The Ask Leadership book, written by Ask Leadership’s founder and President Nigel J Wall, hit the market in the middle of November 2008 to great critical acclaim from around the world.

The book breaks the mould of the classic Leadership books by not just presenting the top attributes of the great leader, but giving step by step guidance on how to apply what you learn and therefore assisting you in joining the ranks of awesome leaders. It does this by;

  • Helping you understand where you stand today with two powerful assessment tools
  • Describing the best practice in each leadership area
  • Providing case studies, scripts and scenarios that demonstrate the application of the principles
  • Assisting you in implementing these practices using the case studies, a workbook and goal based action plan

In short, whether you are the CEO or first line supervisor, it is the only leadership book you will ever need!


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