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About the Author

Born in England and now resident in Trinidad, West Indies, it wasn't until his mid 40's that Nigel decided that corporate life wasn't for him anymore and he decided to dedicate his future to coaching and developing people. His successes since making that decision have been spectacular. He has many leadership articles in print, won local and international awards, coached at all levels in a range of organizations from small and medium sized enterprises to fortune 500 companies, working with front line team leaders, right through to CEO's. He is now an internationally recognized facilitator, coach, author and master motivator.

While juggling a busy family life, running the people and organizational development business he manages with his wife, and writing; he also competes at a high level in endurance sporting events such as ultra marathons and multisport races involving running, cycling and kayaking. He is also a photographer, glider pilot, musician and compulsive traveller!

His purpose is clear - to lead in all areas of his life, to live life to the full, and to assist and coach others in unlocking their true potential.

What others say about Nigel J Wall

"With Nigel's unique coaching approach you quickly realize that you already know, and have, what it takes to succeed. While his style is vibrant and confident; it's not about him, his focus is always directed at you, about you and what you can do."
Mervyn Eyre, Chief Executive Officer, Fujitsu Caribbean

"Nigel Wall is one of those rare individuals who people look at with admiration and perhaps even a bit of awe... Congratulations, Nigel, on writing a fine book that will inspire thousands of leaders throughout the world"
Paul J. Meyer - Founder of Success Motivation International, Inc., and 40 plus other companies and New York Times best-selling author


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