There seems to be a whole world of living out there that few of us take full advantage of. If we do realise it then often we are already on a path that makes it seem too hard to change and so we do the easy thing, which is nothing. Shame isn’t it that with all of that incredible potential, we settle for second best and go through life failing to live up to our best.

The barriers that hold us back are almost all internal: our conditioning, our environment and current circumstances often prevent us from thinking about changing, let alone taking action.

Each chapter in this guide book takes one of those ‘holdbacks’ (from ‘not enough time’ to ‘not able’ and everything in-between) and provides ideas and action steps to break it down and remove it as an obstacle, once and for all.

One of the most fundamental changes that we have to make is all about the magic 1440 and how we spend it. You do understand the 1440, don’t you? The number of minutes in the day! We all get 1440. If you are rich, you get 1440, if you are poor you get 1440. You estee-janssens-396885-unsplashcan’t buy, sell, save until later, or get back minutes if you are wasteful so you had better be ultra-careful about how you use your daily allotted 1440!

There is no magic in getting the best out of 1440, but there are guiding steps that will help you achieve the things you want and make the most out of them!

After each chapter you will find an Action Plan with steps to create your own success blueprint and reinforce the ideas learned. Einstein once defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”.

Please, do more than just read this book with a view to getting wiser and don’t fall into the insanity trap. Learn, apply and do things differently and I guarantee you will get much better results and learn how to Live Life Now!

Here are some samples:

Dream Large

Start Now

Yes I can

Don’t think outside the box

Look after yourself

Attitude is everything


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